One of the largest agricultural companies in Russia involved in poultry and pig production, meat processing, forage production, crop production, and dairy production.
Agriculture ERP - Challenges


Connection of separate processes into general process

Enterprises of the Prodo Group are located in the Central, Siberian, and Ural Federal Districts of the Russian Federation and cover the entire production cycle - starting from the manufacture of raw materials to the sales of finished goods. And in order to consolidate data coming from a large number of different systems and applications, the company management decided to implement a modern software solution based on 1C:ERP technologies.

The key goals of the project included:

Creation of a unified solution for reference data  
Transition to a single enterprise management system
Elimination of redundant data entry
Automation of accounting and management reporting

To achieve the set goals, the team invited integration specialists from Absolute Soft, a long-term partner of 1C with a vast experience in automation of meat processing companies.

Absolut Soft provided consultations on the choice of necessary software and support options, analysed the requirements, generated the plan of project stages, developed interfaces and sets of user rights, integrated the new software with other systems, and performed transfer of opening balances from other data storages.

Agriculture ERP - Results


Combining all key processes into general system

As a result, 600 workstations had been modernized with automation of the following processes:

Purchasing (supply) and supplier relationship management
Industry-specific production and services - such as calculation of standard and actual costs, management of data on product composition and structure, formulation, asset repairs (CMM, EAM), accounting of production costs, integration with third-party industry products, and industry reporting;
Logistics and transport management (SFM, WMS, TMS);
Sales, customer service, marketing and analysis of sales (ABC / XYZ), settlement payments with customers, wholesale, pricing, and price lists;
Finance, accounting, management accounting and reporting, monitoring of production results (including the analysis of key performance indicators), treasury, tax accounting, budgetary accounting, and regulatory reporting.

Today, the new system and its typical configurations are checked and updated on a monthly basis, including regular database diagnostic and backup.

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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