Automating planning, budgeting and analytics using 1C:Perform.


The Abrau-Durso Group is one of the leaders in the Eastern Europe sparkling wine market. The company was founded in 1870 and is famous for production and sale of sparkling and still wines under its own trademarks, such as "Abrau-Durso", "Abrau", "Victor Dravigny", "Abrau Light", etc. The group includes 20 subsidiaries engaged in grape growing, wine production, retail and wholesale, as well as auxiliary activities.

The data collection and distribution within the company was mostly performed using Excel sheets, which was getting more and more inconvenient, given the increasing amount of information from different stores and subsidiaries.

Another crucial issue concerned the absence of uniformity within the holding in terms of budgetary reports. Because of many inconsistencies, financial planning was hampered and required a lot of time and effort.

The main goals of 1C:Perform (corporate performance management system) implementation were:

Updating and adapting the current methodology of planning and budgeting for automation purposes
Ensuring flexibility and scalability of the system
Development and customization of unified forms for all types of business lines
Integration of budgeting processes with centralized treasury
Increasing labor productivity and reducing costs in budgeting
Improving data quality to support decision making on the basis of reliable and timely data

During 1C:Perform implementation, the following business processes were automated:





What was done:

Automating the processes of planning production, intra-group transactions and financing, formation and consolidation of master budgets
Implementing the new scheme of calculating production costs, which takes into account the distribution of auxiliary production costs and general production costs
Introducing automatic balancing of cash balances and cash flows within the group based on predefined parameters
Organizing multi-level user access to data
Training employees to use the system
Cosmetics ERP - Results


The implementation project allowed the company to get the following results:

A unified environment for planning, budgeting and analysis was implemented
Increased data quality and reduced time to prepare budgets
Reduced labor costs through automation of complex analytical reporting
Increased transparency of budget limits based on the budget model
Unified and standardized business forms resulting in faster turnaround

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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