ACM Meat Factory Ltd.

Modern meat-processing company with an assortment of more than 50 products of different price categories.
ERP meat industry - Challenges


Complex automation for growth

When ACM Meat Factory opened its meat processing plant in London under the trademark Haiducii, its primary strategic goal was seizing the market share and increasing productivity in the shortest time possible. One of the crucial steps to achieve that goal was automation of all business processes.
After thorough consideration, the factory management decided to implement 1C:Drive, a powerful yet flexible ERP system for automating small and medium-size businesses.

In short, the main challenges facing the company included:

Increasing the market share and profitability in a very short time
Integration of an affordable and efficient ERP system for a small company with diverse and expanding distribution network
Implementation of an effective cost calculation tool for meat production
Implementation of flexible production planning procedure to reduce inventory stock in warehouses
Optimization of processes involving creation of orders and purchase invoices
ERP meat industry - Results


Full-factory retrofit

As a result, specialists of AVA HUB team successfully deployed 1C:Drive, carried out work on software adaptation to regional and industry specifics and provided training for the entire factory team.

The following results were also achieved:

Automation and synchronization of all production processes - from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of meat products to the final point of sale
Significant cost savings and faster business operations
Automation of customer account processing and elimination of data entry errors
Access to real-time information regarding individual brands (profitability, seasonality, points of sale) and individual customers
Synchronization of 1C:Drive with an accounting tool to automate preparation and submission of financial statements to the UK tax authorities
Integration with the Pan Agent system to automate sales at retail points

Key numbers

General production costs decreased by 12,3%

Productivity increased by 7%

Inventory turnover increased by 11%

Increase in sales by 15%

Automation and synchronization of all production processes

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