COREX Logistics

The 1C:Drive solution helped to increase the potential for attracting new sources of funding in Europe and make the financial reporting automated and error-free.


COREX Logistics is an international full-cycle clinical trial supply and logistics group with in-depth expertise in Eastern Europe and the CIS region. The company delivers innovative solutions to global pharma and biotech to support clinical research. COREX Logistics operates in more than 80 countries.

As the company has been actively growing and expanding its geographical boundaries, top management decided to invest in an integrated automated solution and create a single infrastructure. COREX Logistics was looking for a product that could consolidate all information about the company’s activities and adapt it to the requirements of IFRS.

The Russian and CIS divisions have already used 1C systems and had a positive experience with the software. Therefore, it’s decided to proceed with another 1Ci solution. 1C:Drive was chosen because the product is multilingual and was developed for international markets. On the contrary, the previous 1C system was designed only for the Russian market. Moreover, 1C:Drive also allows to perform the task of reporting and is financially affordable.

During market analysis, the top management of COREX Logistics decided that «RAU IT» would be the best contractor for the implementation of the solution. This 1Ci Partner has expertise in working with 1C:Enterprise-based ERP solution for small and medium companies developed for Russian and CIS markets. Additionally, specialists of the company have their books on this solution, offer training and are widely known thanks to their case portfolio.



Preparation of IFRS financial statements for the head office in Dublin became correct in 99% of cases;
The automated reporting function is in place (previously it was manual). Instead of spending a few weeks, employees need just a few minutes;
The same level of administrative costs was achieved when scaling up the company and doubling the number of legal entities in the last year;
Retrospective evaluation of the company’s past operations using the new payment system is now possible;
Increased potential for attracting and maintaining new sources of funding in Europe;
A bug management system is in place. New bugs are fixed, corrected and no more appear.

The success of the project is not only determined by the current IFRS reporting task. The program's functionality will also be used in the future. The program can be extended to the planned architecture upon scaling. The company plans to maximize the potential that allows integration into a single structure of several 1Ci solutions. 

Customer success

"Prior to implementation, financial reporting was done manually. We’ve saved an enormous amount of time because at 1C:Drive everything is already adjusted, accounts fly in and out. Without 1C:Drive we would not have grown so fast."

– Ivan Polyakov,

The Digital Transformation Director at COREX Logistics

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