Procurement automation, warehousing, order processing, and shipping with 1C:Drive.


VEPAM is an automotive spare parts reseller from Milan, Italy. The business is based on the founders’ multi-year experience in the automotive aftermarket sector, with special reference to those segments handling industrial vehicles and cars.

The company’s mission is to provide its clients with the widest possible range of spare parts.

The client was in the process of launching and scaling the business and had to deal with multiple challenges simultaneously. Specifically, they needed to implement a multipurpose management system to streamline and automate the whole order workflow, from procurement to shipping to the end customer. The concrete steps included:

Improving the warehouse procedures
Handling products in a more orderly fashion
Automating the procedures supporting shipping activities

During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:


Warehouse management

Order management




3 seats were automated during the one-month implementation stage.

What was done during 1C:Drive implementation :

Automation of all the necessary steps to receive goods, the introduction of bar codes
Complete redesign and improvement of the shipping process, aiming at matching the goods from the supplier with those ordered by customers

The implementation project allowed the company to get the following results:

35% more efficient procurement management
40% faster order processing
45% faster shipping

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