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Automated management accounting and optimized expense tracking and reporting with Adin-S Mall solution, powered by 1C:Enterprise.
ERP expense management - Challenges


Optimization, automation, tracking

Torunlar GYO is a leading Turkish real estate management company that operates a total of seven shopping malls in Turkey, and more than ten retail real estate investments in other regions of the country.

The company focuses on the development of shopping malls, entertainment and business centers, hotels, and residences. Torunlar GYO was founded in 1977 and nowadays operates 573,000 square meters of real estate space, with its portfolio value standing at ‎₺12.6 billion ($1.72 bn).

The main goal of the project was to improve company performance by automating and optimizing its expense management accounting, reporting, and assets/liabilities monitoring.

The objectives were:

Streamline financial management accounting practices, including rent invoicing
Optimize document flow and make it more flexible to track lease agreements featuring hundreds of parameters
Set up a billing of common area expenses
Improve turnover monitoring
Enable more efficient and automated shopping center statistics collection and reporting
Eliminate human error incurred due to rent payment records being manually managed using Excel

Customer success

"1C:Enterprise-based Adin-S Mall solution allows us to single-handedly process all the billing operations for the entire shopping mall! Its fast, reliable, and convenient reporting feature enables to access critical business data easily. Our managers can always keep track of everything too via the mobile app."

– Onder Kanig,

Manager, Mall Of Istanbul

As a fast-growing regional player, Torunlar GYO needed a solution to optimize its finance, sales, and asset management and allocation processes. In search of such a modern tool capable of automating and streamlining all aspects of business data collection, analysis, and reporting, the company turned to DND YAZILIM, an Ankara-based 1Ci partner.

The critical factor in choosing this partner was its vast experience in the real estate and retail sectors. DND YAZILIM has been developing the Adin-S Mall Solution for more than five years. The customer selected the Finance, Purchasing, Sales, GL Management, and CRM modules for implementation. The solution is based on the 1C:Enterprise platform, which allows the development of reliable, customizable solutions for different types of businesses.

The new automation system has enabled a transparent workflow process and boosted the company's performance in general. The whole project took 18 months, and overall 20 seats were automated in three company departments, comprising finance, purchasing, and renter relationships. Seven shopping malls in Turkey were also covered by the new system. The solution has a desktop and mobile version, as well as a web app.

At the first stage of the project, the overall mall ecosystem description was created, including shop descriptions and profiles of tenants. Next, unified lease contract forms were created, and the module for automated rental invoice generation was launched. The same was done for the common expense and turnover monitoring and invoice generation processes (including the monitoring of data from all electricity and water meters).

The calculated benefits of Adin-S Mall Solution implementation were as follows:

90% reduction in invoicing labor costs

80% increase in the speed of management reporting

30% reduction in operation and administrative expenses

40% reduction in manual labor errors

Two-time reduction in receivables

ERP expense management - Results


Eliminated manual labor tasks, paperwork optimization, flexible reporting

As a result of the implementation of the new solution, the volume of tasks requiring manual labor input decreased dramatically, and now it is possible to create hundreds of rental invoices with one click. Data collection was automated as well, which allowed for the elimination of the manual task of entering information to the system, and made the monitoring process much more manageable.

The system follows current Turkish legislation for the retail industry and adapts to a changing environment. For example, infrastructure expenses and invoicing parameters are automatically recalculated when prices for water or electricity change.

Business management processes have become faster and more straightforward, as now the company's executives can manage several shopping malls in one software solution, and generate comprehensive, detailed reports in a couple of clicks, including estimates on income and revenues for future periods. These reports can be accessed either online or via a mobile app.

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