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Digital transformation with 1C:Drive: from spreadsheets to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


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SeaTechnic Marine Electronics, founded by Sedat Okumuş in 2015, is a company specializing in the sales, service, maintenance, and repair of navigation and communication devices for various marine vehicles. Their clientele includes commercial ships, yachts, boats, tugboats, and more. Located near Istanbul Tuzla and Yalova shipyard areas, the company serves both domestic and international customers, including partners in nearly thirty countries. The team at SeaTechnic Marine Electronics has grown over the years, now comprising fifteen members, including engineers, electronic technicians, as well as staff in accounting, finance, and other departments.


Before implementing the 1C:Drive ERP solution, SeaTechnic Marine Electronics faced challenges in managing its growing customer base and increasing workload. The processes, such as spare part stock tracking and service organization, were initially handled through Excel spreadsheets and manual input. As the company expanded and the customer portfolio grew, these methods became inefficient and unsustainable, causing difficulties in stock movement, service organization, and planning.

The company also needed a system to track financial invoicing and payment follow-ups under the same roof as its service and stock management. In addition, with different personnel in various departments, a unified program became necessary for more efficient collaboration.


Appviser PS

Appviser specializes in offering comprehensive software development and management/process consulting services. The primary objective is to enhance efficiency, stimulate decision-making mechanisms, and optimize business processes. Alongside the end-to-end ERP solutions, Appviser provides extensive support for essential processes by offering a range of modules, such as CRM, QDMS, Machine-Equipment Maintenance and Repair Tracking.
- support in Turkish, English, and Russian
- team members are Certified Public Accountants and graduates of Management Information Systems



Flexible and comprehensive ERP solution capable of automating the majority of processes in companies of any size. The software combines multiple capabilities to execute various business operations, manage production workflows, digitize paper streams, and connect companies to their partners. 1C:Drive helps companies to boost their growth and help stay competitive in the dynamic business environment.

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Customer success

“Thanks to 1C:Drive, we have experienced a major improvement in our business processes, enabling us to manage our operations more efficiently, enhance collaboration among our team, and boost customer satisfaction. 1C:Drive has truly revolutionized the way we work, and we couldn't be happier with the results.” 

Sedat Okumuş

Founder & Managing Director at SeaTechnic Marine Electronics


The implementation of the 1C:Drive ERP solution brought significant improvements to SeaTechnic Marine Electronics. 

By providing a single system to manage service organization, spare material and stock tracking, financial invoicing, and payment follow-ups, the company experienced a streamlined and more efficient workflow.
The software also facilitated collaboration among personnel, allowing them to access and oversee processes according to their authorization levels.
The 1C:Drive solution proved to be beneficial for managing annual-based services, as it enabled the company to send reminders to clients about upcoming maintenance or repairs, fostering repeat business.
The system's stock tracking system ensured that the staff was informed when spare parts were running low or likely to run out, allowing them to replenish their inventory promptly.

As a result, 1C:Drive has positively impacted SeaTechnic Marine Electronics’ business processes by saving time, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining operations. 

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