Naval Radio

Transparent business performance and comprehensive real-time operational control using 1C:Drive.
Heavy Equipment ERP - Challenges


Real-time management control of services and warehouse for five business units in four countries using 1C:Drive ERP.

Naval Radio is a company from Chile that has five offices in four countries, including Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. The company's main business is service and sales of heavy equipment for seagoing vessels in South America.

The management team of Naval Radio faced a task of fighting warehouse inventory discrepancies and streamlining the operational control. Historically employees used multiple locally implemented solutions for accounting and document management, including Excel and MS word.

This led to the impossibility of real-time management control and inconsistencies in warehouse data at different locations. The main challenges were:

Redesign a workflow of several essential business processes, including order management and billing, to speed them up
Reduce the numbers of errors made due to manual paperwork processes
Eliminate discrepancies in documents of different business units regardless of their location
Get an opportunity of accessing the data on every serviced ship and installed equipment
Implement marketing functions like savings points for customers
Automate the process of project-based notifications and reminders for employees


“1C:Drive-based solution allowed us to streamline business processes and make them more transparent, eliminate errors and discrepancies in the warehouse data, and increase the overall efficiency of the business”

— Eduardo Peralta, 

IT manager at Naval Radio

Heavy Equipment ERP - Results


Faster business processes, reduced manual labor, higher data accuracy

The customized 1C:Drive was chosen as a solution for solving tasks that Naval Radio was facing. At the first stage of the project, the system was implemented in a test mode using both thin and thick clients. 

After that, the employee training was conducted, and the system was implemented in a pilot mode in the head office of the company. After the pilot period, the system was rolled out to all Naval Radio' business units.

Implementation of the new solution allowed Naval Radio to dramatically decrease order processing time, completely eliminate discrepancies in inventory accounting, and fight errors occurring due to manual paperwork processes.

The management team received a comprehensive solution for real-time operational control and gathering transparent insights for business analysis.

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