The largest car manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe.
ERP financial - Challenges


Automation of budgeting system

The company's executive staff made a decision to further develop their corporate system to more efficiently manage the enterprise and its subsidiaries. One of the key areas of the project was automation of the budgeting system.

To increase the efficiency of planning and control over financial and business operations, it was necessary to shorten the time required on preparation and approval of operating budgets, to segment management analytic data, and enhance the degree of detail in reporting – by including subdivisions, business lines, projects, products, etc.

1C:ERP was chosen as a technical solution to achieve those goals, and the ProgramMaster company became an executor of the project, having a robust experience of implementing ERP systems in manufacturing enterprises.

ERP financial - Results


New platform to facilitate growth

Within 12 months, the new solution was deployed on 300 workstations, including the Department of Planning and Production Cost Analysis, the Department of Budgeting and Economic Analysis, and various functional divisions of the enterprise.

With the integration of 1C:ERP, it became possible to create budgets with a high degree of detail for various types of revenues and expenses. The generation of plan/actual reports was significantly accelerated. And the integration with corporate accounting systems helped to improve the analytic quality of management reporting.

As a result, the company's economists got the means to quickly obtain consolidated data on all business activities, generate plan/actual reports and identify causes of deviations. In addition, it became possible to generate various types of reports depending on user needs by changing the structure and order of data groups in the reports they were able to get the information they needed for analysis quickly and without resorting to developers.

Preparation of expense budgets for departments was simplified and accelerated, as well. Now they had the option to quickly compare several budget scenarios within a single report. Time for creation and approval of budgets was halved, despite the fact that the average number of lines in a monthly budget was about 100,000 – 150,000, and in an annual budget – about 300,000. All this helped to optimize financial management of the enterprise, strengthen the expenditure control, and improve planning.


“The project of budgeting system automation with 1C:ERP had an impact on the entire business. According to our data, in the first months of operation of the new system a significant economic effect was achieved: the time spent on preparing operating budgets was reduced by 50%. Now managers can focus their attention on analyzing and solving business problems rather than obtaining data from a dozen different programs. This helped improve the accuracy of planning and performance analysis of the enterprise, and establish full control over production processes.”

— Sergey Fedotov,

director of Information Systems Department at AvtoVAZ

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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