A subsidiary of Sun Petroleum Georgia, one of the leading oil companies in Georgia. It owns a network of gas stations in Georgia with attached grocery stores (Gulf Stores) selling over 8,000 items of food, cooling and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and more.
ERP for oil and gas industry - Challenges


Automation of business processes

For the effective operation of the company, it was necessary to accurately manage and grow the network of stores - plan purchases taking into account the current demand, control the shelf and stock balance, and quickly serve customers at cashier desks.

Company management decided to implement a comprehensive information system that would allow to solve all these tasks in an efficient and prompt manner and invited BDO Solutions to integrated a solution based on 1C:ERP.

ERP for oil and gas industry - Results


Modern and powerful enterprise management

New system based on 1C:ERP helped the company to organize timely purchase of products, optimize assortment management, and improve the quality of customer service. As a result of the integration:

The company obtained the means to monitor activities of each store in real time, quickly evaluate the current situation and create forecasts for the future.
20% increase in sales has been achieved in the first months of using the new system.
Gulf Stores has improved assortment management, taking into account the changing customer demands. Company's managers can now analyze the demand both for particular store and product name. Detailed analysis of demand allows them to accurately identify more and less popular goods. Based on these data, an assortment is adapted for each store individually.
Customer services have been improved and queues have been considerably reduced, when the automated cashier desks were equipped with barcode scanners and fiscal registers - all connected to the central system.
With 1C:ERP, managers can now easily generate financial reports for each store, as well as for the entire company.
Access rights and actions in the system are strictly regulated, which has reduced the number of mistakes in document processing to zero.
1C:ERP allows the company to launch new sales store within a very short time. At the moment, the Gulf Stores network continue to grow all over the country.

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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