Founded in February 1996, Slata is now a leading food distribution company in its region.
Food ERP - Challenges


Migration to the advanced ERP system, adapting it to the existing processes

The management of Slata decided to transfer its corporate information system from SAP to 1C with maximum preservation of the architecture of existing circuits for integration with external systems.

For this project, they chose 1C:ERP, a software platform with comprehensive functionality. The implementation project should have paid off at the cost of owning SAP for 3 years, which confirmed its economic feasibility.

AstroSoft specialists (the system integrator) successfully carried out work on adapting the software to the specifics of the customer system and on training users to work with it.

Food ERP - Results


Combining disjoint systems into a single ERP space

Slata's information system was completely transferred from SAP to 1C:ERP. Within the framework of the project, most modules of 1C:ERP were finalized, and new subsystems were developed including:

Subsystem of integration with the external warehouse management system WMS Infor and the geoinformation system GIS Optimum
Subsystem of automatic data exchange in the part of purchases, sales and reporting with counterparty systems using files of various formats (xml, xls, txt, dbf, etc.)
Integration with mobile trading systems
Subsystem of funds and bonuses to ensure the transmission of promotional activities of suppliers to dealers
Sales and treasury subsystem was developed in accordance with the existing business rules of the company with the concomitant expansion of the credit management functionality in the system
Subsystem of pricing and customer relationship management under the existing financial policy of the company
Also, tools for transferring normative and reference information, initial balances and primary documents from the previous SAP corporate system to a new 1C:ERP were developed

New information system supports work of more than 250 users, running 500 to 700 simultaneous sessions. More than 1 million operations pass through the system every year (100 thousand per month, 3000 - per day). The system meets all user needs for record keeping.

In addition to combining different systems into a single ERP space, significant savings were made to the customer benefit.

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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