Comfortside, LLC

1C-Sapa, as a 1Ci reliable partner effectively integrated 1C:Enterprise-based ERP system with a store on Amazon and automated the order fulfillment process.


Comfortside, LLC specializes in the wholesale of ductless air conditioning systems. The company is the exclusive dealer of Cooper&Hunter and OLMO brands in USA, Canada and South America. Comfortside offers a wide range of HVAC equipment while constantly maintaining equipment and materials’ availability in stock.  

In addition to high-quality products, they provide excellent customer service support, professional consultations and sophisticated logistics management.

As the company possesses a store on Amazon, it’s essential to fulfill orders as quickly and accurately as possible. Automated order creation in the company’s database was required so that the data would be quickly extracted from the store on Amazon. Thus, the time for order processing would be reduced while manual fulfillment would be eliminated.

The management decided to implement software that allows working in a single information space with Amazon and an accounting program called Quickbooks. Besides, it’s crucial to maintain real-time control over various indicators regarding goods tracking.

The task was to develop an automated system for order fulfillment, warehouse management, sales and production processes, which would simplify the work of employees and increase efficiency.


"We assess cooperation with 1C-Sapa as fruitful and mutually beneficial. The system with updated functionality corresponds to the declared capabilities and meets our expectations, especially in terms of integration with the Amazon system."

Yanni Angeles,

Vice President of Operations at ComfortSide, LLC



Previously Comfortside used a unique product developed by a full-time employee. The program was based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 system. However, the software wasn’t updated regularly. This affected the speed of the system and led to a large number of errors that didn’t depend on users’ abilities. To cover all management and accounting needs, Comforside contacted 1Ci.

As a result, 1C-Sapa was selected as a service provider for the development of required software, its implementation and maintenance. 1C-Sapa representatives were in close contact with Comfortside employees throughout the project implementation.

The system was also integrated with the accounting software Quickbooks. All requirements for changes and improvements were made in a quick and high-quality way.

During the transition stage, the representatives of 1C-Sapa held consultations on emerging issues and demonstrated intermediate results of work.

This is how Comfortside evaluated collaboration with 1Ci partner:

Meeting the needs of the company: 5
Software user experience rating: 5
1С partner quality rating: 5

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