Comprehensive data analysis, effective financial planning, and improved productivity for the consulting company using 1C:Enterprise.
Financial planning ERP - Challenges


Lack of accountability, inefficient data flows, slow decision-making processes 

ACT PRO & BUSINESS SERVICES provides corporate services, including company formation, corporation restructuring, government liaison services, and business consulting. The company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has 45 employees.

The management team at ACT PRO & BUSINESS SERVICES faced lack of integrated data management across the whole company, fragmented information flows that led to inefficient financial planning and increased costs.

The main challenges for ACT PRO & BUSINESS SERVICES were: 

Multiple tools for data collection and management are used by different departments within the company
A lack of integrations between those solutions led to the complications in data collection, management, and access at each process stage
Inefficient planning and process control
There was no user-friendly way to manage the key processes and adapt them to the specific project's needs

During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:





Task management


"Just in six months, we've got a tailored solution to our business processes and went far beyond the market expectations and options. The ability to scale the system and its growth and adapt the platform to our changing demands and evolving market helps us keep leadership in our industry!" 

— Michael Samuel, 


Financial planning ERP - Results


A single source of data to fuel decision-making and operations control

ERP Prime solution was chosen for its cost-effectiveness, functionality, flexibility, and scaling options. Since ERP Prime is based on 1C:Enterprise development platform, the implementation project took just six months, 40 seats were automated. Result was achieved also due to the AnaSoft company, 1Ci Official partner in UAE, that performed a high level of expertise in the automation of business processes and financial systems.

As a result, ACT PRO & BUSINESS SERVICES was able to:

Access all critical business data in one solution
Achieve a high level of transparency and visibility at single departments and the whole company level
Streamline internal processes and improve productivity due to eliminated manual data entry in multiple systems
Provide remote access to the information when needed while keeping the security at a high level

Implementation of the ERP Prime had a significant impact on the business and its operations:

The number of mistakes due to manual data entry errors decreased by 50%

Labor costs decreased by 30%

Management reporting speed increased by 50%

Accounting reporting speed increased by 50%

Order processing speed increased by 50%

Operational and administrative expenses were reduced by 50%

Labor productivity in production increased by 100%

Profits increased by 15%

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