Russian Grain

Holding company engaged in the full production cycle of growing, processing, storing and trading of agricultural products.
Agriculture ERP - Challenges


From fragmentation to a general control center

Until 2015, key business processes of the enterprise were either not automated at all or partially automated by a range of local applications. That approach did not allow the company to create and use any unified reference information or organize a "single pipeline" for distributing finished goods. In addition, the lack of automation complicated the process of obtaining summary performance indicators, which, in turn, slowed down the generation of consolidated statement.

Additionally, there was no integration between different business processes, which led to multiple entry of the same data and lack of reporting accuracy. Existing applications also did not take into account all industry specifics and accounting requirements. As a result, IT director of Russian Grain developed a blueprint for the enterprise automation project based on 1C technologies and presented a transition plan.

The project took into account the following business tasks and requirements:

Creation of a "single pipeline" for all types of products - to ensure transparency and promptness of all interactions between production sites, and quickly obtain information on inventory levels and payments.
Standardization of business processes across all production sites.
Quick estimation of shortages in goods.
Ability to keep various types of accounting within a single information system.
Reducing labor intensity and the time required on accounting processes, while increasing accuracy and reliability of consolidated financial statements.
Maximum automation and integration for all participants of the production cycle to increase business efficiency.
Use of a standard solution (based on the 1C:Enterprise platform) on all production sites.

For technical implementation of the project were responsible the following companies: Soft Portal Project , Adeptis, and Chernozemie INTEKO.

Agriculture ERP - Results


Integrated control center with analytics dashboard

Within the shortest period of time, from August 2015 to August 2016, all users were transferred to work with a single database created on the basis of 1C:ERP Agro-Industrial Complex 2. The new system was adjusted taking into account the existing business processes. When the processes of transferring balances to a new system and creating normative reference information were completed, and all users were trained, the company successfully launched the pilot testing.

As the final result:

All production sites now work with a unified database enabling the company owners and the management to quickly generate consolidated reports.
A new process of delivering finished goods from production to warehouses has been implemented.
Use of a standard solution for automating the enterprise helps the company reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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