Modern meat-processing enterprise with an assortment of more than 400 products of different price categories. Its production capacity is more than 40 tons per day.
ERP System for meat industry - Challenges


New business processes for modern market

The Remit executive team decided to create a single information space across the production process accounting. The key tasks of the project included: 

To have the meat-processing factory, the Remit trading house and its network of branded stores work in the same information system
To get a complete and accurate picture of the entire production process and information about left-over stock, as well as ensure accurate production planning
To create specialized workstations for production personnel with intuitive interfaces

To accomplish these tasks, the implementation team chose to integrate 1C:ERP because of its flexibility, adaptability and a comprehensive set of automation functions for enterprises. For example, the factory had a production site for making spices, and it took only two days to adjust the system to its specifics and fully automate this site.

Absolute Soft company became a partner for this project as it had proven experience in automating meat processing enterprises. The integrators sought to use the standard mechanisms incorporated in 1C:ERP to preserve the system's integrity and simplify the process of updating and transition to new forms of regulated reporting.

The project implementation team knew perfectly well what to do, and it was decided not to draw up detailed project requirements to speed up the progress. Later, at the trial operation stage, a range of adjustments and improvements were made, which proved impossible to plan beforehand.

ERP System for meat industry - Results


General solution for large company

The implementation was smooth, and the accounting department started working in the new system only two months after the launch of the project.

As a result, 18 business entities were integrated into a single information space: the Remit's factory, the trading house and the network of branded stores.

In addition, the implementation team created several types of automated workstations such as "Weighing", "Heat treatment", "Selection", and "Routing of Delivery". The information processed on these workstations was used as a basis for warehouse, accounting and manufacturing operations. The "Weighing" station processed a large amount of material intended for transfer to the next stages of production. "Heat treatment" was monitoring the process of heat treatment. At the "Selection" workstation, the customer order is assembled and the products are labeled. The "Delivery Routing" workstation provides distribution of products, and if there is underload or overload it is immediately corrected within 20 minutes.  

The key project results also included:

Real-time cost control and monitoring of the entire production cycle

Comprehensive reporting for better management decisions

New ways to reduce costs – by analysing data of the production cycle

Increased productivity and quality of meat products

Reduction of product losses by 15%

New Line LG

Reduction of the defect rate – previously, some employees could hide defects, but with the new analytic reports, it became clear at what stages defects appeared and what actions must be taken to reduce them

Optimization of work with suppliers – due to the trackability of lots, it became easier to choose the best suppliers that delivered raw materials of the highest quality

Optimization of staff – with the new system, the company managed to optimize about 40% of the personnel involved in the process of movement control


“Today, in order to increase productivity of any enterprise, we need a new model of managing production and business processes. Regardless of the industry in which the business operates, whether it is a meat processing or metal processing company, it should be an IT company, too. With the integration of 1C:ERP, we have got a tool for further development.”

— Anatoly Morozov,

CEO of Remit

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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