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Termo Isı Sistemleri Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş., known under the brand name Ecostar, is a leading company based in Turkiye specializing in burners, combi boilers, water heaters, and combustion boilers. With a workforce of 250 employees, Ecostar is committed to delivering high-quality heating solutions.


Ecostar has a complex budgeting process that involves analyzing production data, adjusting to a changing sales plan, managing intricate delivery and payment schedules, and performing detailed analytics on cost and revenue centers. To reduce the time required to prepare the budget with the necessary data structure, simplify the collection of planned and actual data, and provide a detailed analysis of cash flow, the decision was made to automate the budgeting process.


Appviser PS

Appviser specializes in offering comprehensive software development and management/process consulting services. The primary objective is to enhance efficiency, stimulate decision-making mechanisms, and optimize business processes. Alongside the end-to-end ERP solutions, Appviser provides extensive support for essential processes by offering a range of modules, such as CRM, QDMS, Machine-Equipment Maintenance and Repair Tracking.
- support in Turkish, English, and Russian
- team members are Certified Public Accountants and graduates of Management Information Systems



Comprehensive solution for financial performance management in holding companies. 1С:Perform CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solution provides tools for financial reporting, data consolidation, and advanced budgeting, and can be integrated with almost any DBMS or other IT system.

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What was done

To address these challenges, Ecostar with Appviser, experienced 1Ci partner, was chosen to implement the 1C:Perform CPM product, focusing on the budgeting module.

The comprehensive solution involved several key steps:

Chart of Accounts Modeling: Appviser restructured Ecostar's chart of accounts to align with their cost and revenue centers, ensuring seamless integration with their accounting systems.
Setting up Model in 1C:Perform: The new model structure was created, laying the foundation for a more organized financial process.
Categorizing Budget Items: Expense and revenue items were clearly defined by the responsible departments, ensuring clarity and accountability.
Customized Budget Templates: Tailored budget templates were created to reflect Ecostar’s unique processes, including different scenarios for plan, revision, and actualization.
Approval Flow Design: Specific approval flows for each budget template were developed to enhance internal communication and streamline the budgeting process.
ERP Integration: The actual values of budgeted items were integrated with Ecostar’s 1C:Drive ERP system, Oracle JD Edwards, ensuring real-time data synchronization. Daily updates of key data such as product cards and current accounts were implemented to maintain accuracy.


During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:

Sales and Purchasing budget

Finance and Accounting

Human resources budget

Customer success

“The implementation of the 1C:Perform has revolutionized our financial operations. We have seen remarkable improvements in efficiency and control, which have significantly enhanced our overall productivity. This project has been a game-changer for us.”


Ecostar & Ecodense General Manager


Here's an outline of the notable improvements after the implementation of 1C:Perform: 

budgeting speed increase
faster budget reporting
cash flow reporting speed up
faster material demand planning
better traceability of budget processes
users of the system

The implementation of the 1C:Perform brought significant benefits to Ecostar:

Accelerated Management Control: Budget approval processes were streamlined, allowing management to exercise greater control over budget values.
Rapid Budget Reporting: The time required for budget reporting was reduced by 100%, enabling instant access to template reports.
Enhanced Communication Speed: The speed of communication during budget preparation increased by 90%, eliminating the need for extensive email exchanges.
Streamlined Financial Flow: Cash flow reporting was made twice as fast, improving the tracking of financial processes.
Improved Traceability: Special management screens enhanced the traceability of budget processes by 100%.
Optimized Material Demand Planning: Material demand planning, based on the sales budget, was accelerated by 300%.

The collaboration between Ecostar and Appviser, facilitated by the 1C:Perform product, transformed Ecostar's budgeting process. The solution addressed the initial challenges and delivered substantial improvements in efficiency, control, and overall productivity across multiple departments.

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