Vero Nutrition + Wellness LLC

Providing healthy food for patients became 30% faster after the implementation of 1C:Drive ERP.


Vero Nutrition + Wellness LLC is located in the USA and specializes in delivering therapeutic food and related medical services. The company provides patients with high-quality and tasty food as well as other products and vitamins as prescribed by doctors.

The company’s main advantage is that they use only fresh products — patients can eat meals no later than 72 hours after cooking.

Initially, all records were kept manually on paper. This led to a lot of confusion and the constant risk of missed deadlines and longer lead times.

It was required to implement an automated system for receiving and processing orders as well as invoicing and control of payments. Additionally, the system was expected to reduce the time of documents processing and provide a quick and convenient search for existing ones. 

Vero Nutrition + Wellness LLC automates the following business processes: 


Warehouse management

Procurement management



1C:Drive for USA is a record-keeping system that covered all the company's management needs. The configuration functionality was ensured to be updated in a timely manner.

1C-Sapa LLC was chosen as the company that should implement the software and provide maintenance of the system. Our partner’s representatives were in close contact throughout the implementation phase. The partner configured the solution, taking into account the specifics of the US market.

The desirable results were achieved:

The speed of keeping and processing records doubled
The amount of excess inventory was reduced by 20%
Manufacturing and production costs reduced by 20%
The speed of inventory turnover increased by 40%
Time for order fulfillment was reduced by 30%


“We expected to get a system for efficient record-keeping, but the outcome was even more flourishing: less excess inventory and expedited fulfillment.” 

Dmitriy Novikov, 


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