Gelal Corap

Labor cost reduction, management reporting acceleration, and revenue growth for the textile manufacturing company.


Gelal Corap


DND Yazılım







Production automation system for Gelal Corap

Gelal Corap Sanayi A.S. is a leading socks manufacturer in Turkey with two production facilities in Çankırı and Istanbul. The company also has more than 1500 employees.


Lack of flexibility, production planning, and control capabilities

Historically, the company did not have an all-in-one solution for business management and production planning — this lead to a range of inefficiencies, a lack of flexibility, poor planning, and control.

The main challenges for Gelal were:

Multiple business automation solutions, including two ERP systems working simultaneously
A lack of capabilities to optimize employee performance and knitting machines effectiveness
Warehouse management
The need to integrate an ERP with industrial robots used at the production facilities
Planning for the equipment load


DND Yazılım

As the first 1Ci Partner in Türkiye, DND Yazılım provides businesses with process management, control and infrastructure technology consultancy services in the production, logistics, service and wholesale & distribution industries. Since 2012, DND has been developing custom solutions for customers on 1C:Enterprise Low-Code Software Development Platform.
- Established in 2008
- Develops custom business applications
- Navigates companies in their Industry 4.0 and digital transformation journeys



Highly adaptive and configurable low-code development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more. 1C:Enterprise empowers developers with a comprehensive toolkit to build flexible and customizable business solutions.

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During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:







Quality control

Industry 4.0 integration

Facility maintenance management

Customer success

“This is a unique project because we needed a custom solution that will be tailored to our production needs, allow us to achieve better results, and stay compliant with the local Turkish legislation. 1C:Enterprise is a perfect fit for us due to its flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.”

Mr.Nazmi Doğan

Production planning manager, Gelal Çankırı


Real-time production control, better planning, and labor cost reduction

The implementation process was divided into several stages. First, DND, the 1Ci partner in Turkey, conducted a thorough analysis of the Gelal business processes and requirements. Then, 1C:Enterprise ERP integration with industrial robots was designed. Afterward, the employees and the production machines' performance evaluation module was developed. A planning system for the knitting machines was created as well. After these preparations, warehouse management, finance, and accounting business processes were automated.

A total of 125 seats were automated, including 65 users in the Çankırı factory and 60 workings in the Istanbul facility. The whole project took approximately three years: one year for the Çankırı factory automation and two years for Istanbul.

Overall, the Gelal company was able to achieve the following results:

Due to the more efficient business processes, the production potential has increased. As a result, global sports goods distribution brands, the biggest Gelal socks purchases, increased the volume of their orders by 20%.
Labor cost was reduced by 10% due to the integration of the 1C:Enterprise with the industrial robots.
The implementation of the industrial machines management module allowed achieving 7-8% productivity improvement.
Management reporting became 20% faster.

1C:Enterprise implementation benefits:

Increasing the market share and profitability in a very short time.
Labor cost was reduced by 10%.
7-8% productivity improvement.
20% faster management reporting.

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