Pomo Pizza Dubai

Order processing has become 70% faster due to improved inventory management and implemented business analytics using 1C:Drive for a pizza delivery company.


Pomo Pizza Dubai delivers delicious pizza and a variety of other meals in Dubai. The pizzeria is particularly famous for using only fresh produce, procured from local and reliable suppliers.

There were no automation tools for controlling the order processing system in the company until 2020. Crucial information was collected manually from time to time and partially got lost. It led to the lack of up-to-date reports and the inability to be aware of current business affairs.

The pandemic aggravated inconsistency in business processes. The number of orders dramatically increased and it became impossible to maintain high-quality service. Orders got mixed up and lost, while products reached their expiry date before supposed use.

The management made a decision to implement proper software and obtain the following results: 

Automate the order collection and processing system
Ensure control of the warehouse and production processes
Reduce the time for creating and processing documents
Introduce a loyalty system for customers that notifies them about ongoing promotions, congratulates on upcoming personal and public holidays and provides other useful features

Implementation of the 1C:Drive solution automated and improved the following processes: 



Warehouse management




After a thorough analysis of other automation systems the company decided to choose the 1C:Drive solution. The project was performed by a trusted and professional partner — 1C-Sapa LLC.

An impressive outcome was achieved:

The speed of receiving up-to-date reports doubled
The amount of excess inventory was reduced by 30%
Production costs reduced by 10%
Time for order fulfillment reduced by 10%;
Profit rose by 30%;
Speed of order processing increased by 70%;
Labor productivity increased by 60%.


“The 1C:Drive solution exceeded our expectations. Now, no matter what happens outside we feel safe as all internal processes are automated and the overall performance is more efficient.”

Francesco D'Agostinio, 

Pizza Dubai

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