40% reduction in production, operating and administrative expenses with the help of the 1C:Drive ERP solution for a footwear manufacturer.


NYLEX is a wholesale & retail trading company that manufactures footwear. NYLEX produces both serial units of shoes and custom-made orders. The company is located in the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis.

Production, the record of orders, receipt of goods from suppliers, purchase, tracking of production stages and other processes were recorded on paper and monitored manually. It was extremely inconvenient.

As the number of orders increased, an automation solution became a necessity. The 1C:Drive configuration was a perfect fit as footwear ERP.

Here are the objectives specified by the management team of NYLEX:

Build an order processing system
Establish automated monitoring of the warehouse
Reduce the time for creating and processing documents and ensure a quick and convenient search for existing ones
Introduce a loyalty system for customers that notifies them about ongoing promotions, congratulates on upcoming personal and public holidays and provides other useful features
Ensure timely supply of necessary materials for manufacturing shoes

Additionally, the company uses a complex accounting system for calculating wages: piecewise or time-based. This also should be taken into consideration and implemented in the software.


“When choosing the software, various accounting systems, functionality, and additional services were taken into account, including training to work with the system, consultations on the use and refinement of the system mechanisms, as well as the specifications of the enterprise business processes. Our team successfully went through the 1C:Drive training and now partner provides us support in a Q&A mode.”

Raouf Dookhoo,

General Director



Employees were trained to work with the software from various devices: a desktop computer, tablet and a smartphone. Moreover, tutorials with the instructions on how to use the functionality of the program were prepared.

Our partner, 1C-Sapa LLC, implemented the system. In the process of transitioning, the company consulted with the partner on emerging issues and made adjustments.

The company implemented the following automated subsystems: 

Planning and organizing the purchase of materials for production
Complex calculation of wages of production workers
Warehouse management

As for the results, numbers speak for themselves:

The speed of receiving up-to-date reports doubled
The amount of excess inventory was reduced by 30%
Production, operating and administrative expenses reduced by 40%
Time for order fulfillment reduced by 50%
Prime cost reduced by 20%

Furthermore, the partner has customized the program for complex calculations and introduced currencies, banks, and so on.

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