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Elif İplik

Seamless integration: Elif İplik's path to operational excellence. 


Elif İplik


FB Group







In the heart of textile production lies Elif İplik, a company grown in the vibrant city of Onikişubat, Kahramanmaraş. With over 250 employees, they specialize in thread production, textile fabric creation, and textile dyeing. Facing operational challenges due to multiple independent software systems, Elif İplik attempted to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency.


Elif İplik was troubled with a range of software solutions — Logo for accounting, Osoft, Eliar and LMS (Laboratory Management System) for production, guardhouse system. Managing diverse systems caused a complexity of decision-making, leading to inaccurate data in reports critical for managerial insights. The absence of seamless integration impeded tracking inventory, timely decision-making, and efficient data collection for operational and strategic needs. This out-of-order setup strained their IT infrastructure and caused manual errors across departments.


FB Group

FB Group is an official 1Ci Partner in Turkey and Europe. The company’s team has more than 25 years experience in providing end-to-end business automation solutions. FB Group has experience in automation both SMB and international holdings in the field of production, logistics, retail trade and wholesale. The implementation is based on a turnkey approach, allowing our customers to transparently manage and develop their business in various countries of the world. The company offers services in Turkish, English, Czech and Russian languages. The company also has a team member holding a SMMM (CPA) license and offers financial consulting services to clients if needed.



Flexible and comprehensive ERP solution capable of automating the majority of processes in companies of any size. The software combines multiple capabilities to execute various business operations, manage production workflows, digitize paper streams, and connect companies to their partners. 1C:Drive helps companies to boost their growth and help stay competitive in the dynamic business environment.

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What was done

FB Group, 1Ci Partner in Turkiye, could make significant changes in company processes. They implemented the comprehensive 1C:Drive system, consolidating and synchronizing Elif İplik’s operations. Integrating Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, and Production under one umbrella, they tailored new modules like Turkish accounting, Warehouse management, and a Laboratory system. Each department assumed responsibility for inputting data, fostering accountability.

The integration extended to Dyehouse production, linking it to LMS and Eliar. Detailed tracking of costs, materials, and production orders became fundamental to streamline the process.

Customer success

“Catalyzing our operations with the 1C:Drive was transformative. It wasn't just about upgrading systems; it was about redefining efficiency and precision. This integration has woven a new fabric of success for Elif İplik, enabling us to thread our way to unparalleled excellence.”

Yusuf Yorulmaz

Elif İplik


The transformation led to the real and measurable results:

automated seats
independent solutions have been replaced 
faster management reporting
reduction in operational expenses
decrease in errors from manual labor
increase in interdepartmental communication
actual cost control

The year-long project consumed over 20,000 hours and culminated in 60+ automated seats across various functional departments. The comprehensive training of key users and meticulous data transfer to the new system ensured a smooth transition, enhancing Elif İplik’s operational efficiency and setting a benchmark in the textile industry. This transformation not only streamlined their processes but also set a foundation for sustained growth and innovation.

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