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Unleashing excellence: redefining efficiency with 1C:Drive at Citra Jaya Aurelia.




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PT. CITRA JAYA AURELIA, located in Surabaya, is a key player in importing and distributing IT, computer, telecommunications, networking, and CCTV equipment. With a team comprising up to 100 employees, their focus lies in providing cutting-edge technological solutions to their clients.


Before the implementation of 1C:Drive, PT. Citra Jaya Aurelia grappled with limitations in their accounting software. Generating reports and managing the goods receipt process posed challenges due to the absence of QR-Code integration for serial numbers. Manual compilation of reports like overdue reports and stock aging became a daily necessity due to these system limitations.

To address these challenges, PT. Citra Jaya Aurelia adopted the 1C:Drive ERP solution for 20 users in the company. Custom AR aging and stock aging modules were developed for real-time insights. Additionally, QR-code integration for multiple serial numbers streamlined the goods receipt process, enhancing efficiency significantly.


Flexible and comprehensive ERP solution capable of automating the majority of processes in companies of any size. The software combines multiple capabilities to execute various business operations, manage production workflows, digitize paper streams, and connect companies to their partners. 1C:Drive helps companies to boost their growth and help stay competitive in the dynamic business environment.

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What was done

User Requirement Gathering: Defined business processes, accounting policies, charts of accounts, roles and responsibilities.
User Acceptance Test: Ensured system functionality met requirements.
Training: Equipped staff with necessary skills for system utilization.
Gap and Fit Analysis: Evaluated and aligned 1C:Drive system with CJA’s existing setup.
Modification and Deployment: Introduced QR code scanning, discount management, stock aging, and AR aging.


Enhanced Reporting Speed: Management reporting accelerated by 50%.
Error Reduction: Manual labor-related errors decreased by 70%.
Operational Efficiency: Goods receipt process time reduced by 60%.
Automated Reporting: Saved 20 hours monthly by automating aging reports.

The successful implementation of the 1C system at PT. Citra Jaya Aurelia revolutionized their operations, diminishing manual efforts, and amplifying financial insights. For only 6 months not only resolved existing limitations, but also significantly improved various operational facets, setting them on a more efficient trajectory.

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