1C:Enterprise Platform

Development platform for fast creation of easily customizable business automation software. Cloud, Desktop or Mobile.
fast erp development
Fast development
Build times faster than you are used to.
cross-platform development
Create Desktop, Cloud and Mobile apps.
enterprise application development
Easily customize 1C:Enterprise apps.
1C:Enterprise application platform is deployed in 95 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and both Americas.
1.5 mln+
companies use 1C:Enterprise platform
5 mln+
users rely on 1C:Enterprise applications in their everyday work
partners deployed solutions based on 1C:Enterprise
certified solutions built on 1C:Enterprise application development platform
successful automation projects
erp platform worldwide
localized languages

1C:Enterprise Application Platform

Create business applications that connect company's business units such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, HR or Accounting into a secure and customizable business process management system.
one development environment
One environment for developing Desktop, Mobile and Cloud solutions
customizable erp platform
100% customizable - set up the workflows according to the business needs
development library
Rich library of programming patterns to speed up and standardize development, customization and support
business intelligence reports
Built-in Business Intelligence for creating a wide range of adjustable financial and management reports
secure erp software development
Access rights management to secure and control data availability in accordance with user roles
erp integration
Integration with third party software or with other 1C:Enterprise-based apps through web-services, ODBC and COM interfaces
database management
Support of various database management systems, including MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle DB
cloud and on-premise hosting
On-premise or managed hosting web-based delivery as well as Web, tablet, or Windows client

Open-Code Applications

1C:Enterprise is a business automation platform, which is withal a unique business development framework, enabling business to create required applications really fast.
erp platform

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