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Changing to Succeed

Today, retail business faces two big challenges: growing customer expectations and new types of IT tasks. Many people who buy and compare goods in stores, both online and through mobile devices, expect retailers to provide fast and consistent 24/7 service across all channels. And if an organization cannot meet these expectations, it will fail.

A sustainable competitive advantage in the market can be achieved only through a deep understanding of consumer demand, as well as transparent process control throughout the entire company.

Why you need 1Ci Solutions for Retail industry

With 1Ci management solutions for retail, you can efficiently streamline and optimize the entire production cycle, starting from resource planning and inventory management to real-time monitoring and quality control.
retail erp
Do you want to meet expectations of a modern consumer and demonstrate high-level service?
erp retail
Do you need to adapt your ERP software to suit your specific requirements?
erp retail software
Or maybe you need to improve the communication between different departments, such as marketing, sales, IT, and logistics?

By deploying 1Ci ERP for Retail you will

retail management solutions
Implement an efficient omnichannel strategy for your retail business.
retail software for small business
Improve planning and procurement processes for your stores and warehouses.
retail inventory management software
Ensure transparency of costs and clear understanding of their optimization.
retail erp solution
Easily synchronize your ERP solution for retail with EDI and mobile infrastructure.
erp for retail industry
Improve workflows and communication to manage staff with maximum efficiency.
erp real-time analytics
Leverage powerful real-time analytics for better decision making.

Underlying technologies

1Ci business solutions for retail are based on highly flexible, time- and customer-proven
business digitization software


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Customer Stories

Companies that every day choose the role of leader and scale up their business


Reduction of all manual processing with automated integrated accounting system.


Automation of all business operations for the largest network of gas stations in Georgia with 1C:ERP.
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