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Changing to Succeed

If you are a small company with an ambition to grow fast and become a leader in your industry, then you need to get the best of IT solutions able to help you run daily routine and monitor company's performance. It was considered that full-scale automation, Big Data or business analytics are designed and affordable to large corporations only. 1Ci can prove otherwise.

Why you need 1Ci Solutions for Small Business

With 1Ci ERP solutions for small business, you get an adaptable system that automates your sales, production, daily operations, accounting, purchase and inventory management within a single data-driven environment.

1Ci Solutions for Small Business -  Speed up your company!

Do you want to speed up your company's growth and increase market share?

Small business ERP - Make smarter decisions!

Would you like to make smarter, fact-based decisions?

Adaptable system for automates your sales - 1Ci

Do you wish your staff stayed productive outside the office?

By deploying 1Ci Small Business ERP solutions you will 

ERP solutions for small business - Have full control

Have full control on finance, production, logistics and other operations

Solutions for Small Business - Get valuable insights

Get valuable insights by using real-time analytics

1Ci Small Business ERP - Achieve better performance

Achieve better performance by preventing fraud, redundancies and other wasteful financial practices

Small business ERP - Set up workflow and production monitoring

Set up consistent workflow and production monitoring

1Ci Small Business ERP - Always comply with quality standards

Always comply with quality standards and government requirements

Solutions for Small Business - Get powerful tools

Get powerful tools to scale-up your business

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for small business are based on highly flexible, time- and customer-proven business digitization software


ERP for wholesale distribution - 1C:Drive
Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


ERP for wholesale distribution - 1C:ERP
Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


ERP for wholesale distribution - 1C:Enterprise
Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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Customer Stories

Companies that every day choose the role of leader and scale up their business


ACM Meat Factory Ltd.

Automation of key processes on a small meat processing company in pursuit of a technology-driven growth strategy.

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100% transparency through the automation using custom business management system based on 1C:Enterprise.

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TSIBA Ignition Academy

Automation of sales and financial management accounting for increased business efficiency, using the 1C:Drive solution.

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QKS Technical Services LLC

40% reduction in financial and management accounting workload along with efficient and streamlined project costing automation.

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