Reveal new growth opportunities with a unified solution to manage Orders, Sales & Inventory through a consolidated dashboard.
small business erp
One single system to manage the complete order processing
Use one integrated system to process orders. Automatically generate customer invoices and purchase orders.
order and stock management
Unified dashboard for Orders, Stock and Sales
Analyze business operations in the smallest detail with real-time data on orders, stock, sales and financials.
inventory control
Real-time Inventory Control
Integrate actual stock levels with order management and e-Commerce to avoid mismatch in order fulfillment.

Scale Up Your Small or Medium Business

With your company growing, the need to control key business processes becomes more and more crucial. Get real time data to make informed decisions, control costs and track key indicators for scaling your business.

ERP for Small Businesses and Medium Enterprises


Close deals faster and stay updated on customer orders status.
Speed-up order-to-cash process and stay on top of your pipeline.
Monitor your right-now cash position. Direct integration with cash registers.
order to cash sales

Inventory & Light Manufacturing

Estimate materials required for production. Calculate cost of goods.
Control stock levels and prevent product outages.
inventory management

Human Resources

Calculate payroll, manage employee workload and efficiency.
human resources erp module

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Instantly access, analyze and close the books on time.
Get fast, customizable access to financial information.
accounting erp module

Technical requirements

Support for all common OS and Database formats - Linux, Windows, Mac OS, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle Database.
order to cash sales
MS Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8/ 10
Intel Pentium Celeron 1800 MHz, RAM 256MB, hard disk 40+GB, CD-ROM, SVGA graphics card.

Affordable ERP, fitting into budgets of small and medium companies
Ready-to-start SMB ERP for any business, whether it is sales, services or production
Support team at your disposal for smooth implementation and seamless usage
Customizable and flexible enough to adapt to your processes and requirements
Why 1C:Drive?

Customer Stories

Companies that every day choose the role of leader and scale up their business

ACM Meat Factory Ltd.

Automation of key processes on a small meat processing company in pursuit of a technology-driven growth strategy.
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