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BCG Limited

Automating procurement, production and sales in a rapidly growing company with 1C:ERP.


BCG Limited


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BCG company implemented 1C:ERP

The Turkish manufacturer of professional automotive and household chemicals has implemented 1C:ERP solution for production and supply chain management.

The international company Big Chemistry Guys (B.C.G.) launched its Turkiye project in 2023, specializing in the production of professional automotive and household chemicals. Their offerings include auto shampoo, auto cosmetics, and various cleaning products, manufactured in their Turkish factory. B.C.G. caters to a range of market needs by producing premium, medium, and economy class products in diverse volumes.

Situated in the European Free Zone, the company primarily exports its products to European, Asian, and African countries. B.C.G. boasts a complete production cycle, encompassing recipe development, certification, warehousing, and delivery, all centralized at their plant. Over the past year, the company has been rapidly growing both in terms of product offering and production volumes.


B.C.G. embarked on an ambitious journey with the Turkiye project, transforming an undeveloped plot into a state-of-the-art factory designed for high-volume and rapid production. This remarkable growth trajectory in a relatively short period highlighted the critical need for an organized structural system to manage the company efficiently and facilitate effective communication across various units.

Additionally, B.C.G. operates in a diverse, multicultural environment, which demands a multi-vector approach to project management and an exceptional level of flexibility from the chosen system. A future ERP system needed to accommodate multiple naming conventions for products, equipment and documents, covering three languages: English, Turkish, and Russian.

The swift expansion presented several concrete challenges that the client had to navigate:

Capacity Scaling: balancing the increase in production capacity with quality control became crucial as demand for the products grew
Supply Chain Optimization: enhancing client’s supply chain's efficiency was key to managing the complexities of increased production and global logistics
Ever-expanding Range of Goods and Rapid Changes in Sales Management: this dynamic environment requires an agile approach to system implementation
Regulatory Compliance and Certification: adapting to various local regulatory and certification standards was essential for expanding their market presence


Rise SA

Rise SA Business Solutions is a 1Ci partner in South Africa and other regions. The company offers accounting and business management solutions, with 1C:ERP WE, 1C:Perform, Rise Business, Rise Accounting and Rise School Management as the key products.
Rise SA Business Solutions has an over 15 years of professional expertise in software development of accounting, payroll accounting and ERP, and over 100 successful 1C:Enterprise-based products implementations. The team provides assistance with technical design, implementation and customization on the client side.



Flexible and powerful ERP solution for enterprises integrating all of the core and supporting workflows in a single system. 1C:ERP provides advanced production and warehouse management and can be implemented in companies of various industries, e.g. equipment and metal goods production, industrial machinery, food, textile production, and many more.

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What was done

During the system selection phase, the customer focused on implementing the 1C:ERP system, believing it would satisfy their immediate needs and grow alongside their business without changing the platform. The partner chose a private cloud setup of the 1C:ERP to meet BCG's evolving requirements.

This implementation phase involved several critical steps:

Master data migration
ERP setup
Integration with two Turkish banks
User training


During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:

Warehouse management

Cost calculation

Production consumption


Sales management




Delivery management

Cash management

Fixed assets

Financial result and controlling

Customer success

“We believe that an 1C:ERP will respond to our new demands and requests in a timely and rapid manner, as the company grows.”

Elchin Sharifzade

CEO Big Chemical Guys


Here's an outline of the notable improvements after the implementation of 1C:ERP: 

users of the system
months - duration of the implementation project
warehouses are managed in the system
SKUs (incl. raw materials, semi-finished and finished products)
production stages

Since the enterprise started from scratch, all key processes were immediately automated using 1C:ERP. Key highlights include:

Sales managers promptly register customer orders in the system, track product readiness for shipment, organize shipping, and monitor timely payments from clients.
Inventory is accounted for by storage locations, ensuring sales and production department staff confidence in the accuracy of finished goods and raw materials stock levels.
The system enables economists to view and analyze the current cost structure accurately, promptly identifying deviations from standards.
Overall, the enterprise currently operates stably, and the 1C:ERP system has successfully met its objective of supporting key processes and automating routine operations.
A total of 50 seats have been automated during the course of four months.

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