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Textile and apparel manufacturers often face difficulties when tracking processes such as material production, stock management, master production schedule, and quality controls. To ensure flawless operation and data tracking across all of the key production stages, you need to choose a reliable business automation solution.

Why you need 1Ci Solutions for Textile industry

Customized 1Ci ERP solutions for textile and apparel automate the entire manufacturing process starting from customer orders to quality control and delivery of packages to warehouses.
textile erp software
Do you need full control over manufacturing process, stock, distribution, sales, financial accounting, and budget?
textile erp
Do you require an easy access to critical business data at any time, anywhere?
textile erp production
Do you want to streamline textile production while taking into account all of your business needs and specifics?

By deploying 1Ci Textile ERP you will

track apparel
Track the list of apparel items throughout the creation process right to the delivery and sales.
textile performance monitoring
Monitor the performance of production units to control their optimal load and supply them with raw materials in time.
erp for textile industry
Track and regulate all of the necessary product parameters, such as size, color, quantity per shop and per production stage.
unify manufacturing stages
Unify all of manufacturing stages, including sewing, washing, ironing, and quality control, within a single information system.
business performance reports
Get reports on the business performance not only from the main factory but from all of the distributed factories, departments, warehouses, and shops.
control textile sales
Control sales and stock levels in the retail shops on one consolidated dashboard.

Underlying technologies

1Ci management solutions for textile industry are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software:


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Customer Stories

Companies that every day choose the role of leader and scale up their business

Fakel Trading House

Development of an integrated management system to support the growth of the largest manufacturer of special clothing.


Integration of all the processes into a unified full-fledged system helps large footwear manufacturer to increase profitability, enter new markets and open 300 new retail stores on a short-term.

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